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Cyber Security using CDCAT®

The Cyber Defence Capability Assessment Tool (CDCAT®) is an effective, comprehensive way for organisations to assess their existing cyber defences, identify any vulnerability(s) in their defences and what mitigations can be applied. Considering the frequency of attacks on organisations’ sensitive cyber assets – CDCAT® is an essential tool in combatting the threats posed by any number of cyber-criminals and criminal organisations.

CDCAT was developed by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), for the Ministry of Defence. Dstl is a government organisation dedicated to ensuring that innovative science and technology contribute to the defence and security of t he UK.

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CDCAT ® Insurance Services

CDCAT® Insurance Services utilises CDCAT® to support insurance underwriters and brokers using fact based certified assessments to confirm their client’s cyber defence capabilities. This will enable brokers to seek better premiums and underwritten conditions for their clients as well as allow underwriters to use fact based evidence to assess cyber risks.

The resulting output includes:

  • Overall rating of cyber risk management capability as measured against agreed risk appetite
  • Maturity scores between zero to five for each control assessed
  • Vulnerability status for each control assessed
  • Red, Amber, Green (RAG) status relative to risk appetite
  • RAG status relative to best practice
  • Benchmark rating against an organisation’s own sector / cross industry sectors, as well as geographic comparisons

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Recruitment Services

We have access to Insurance Industry Experts both serving the industry and or operating within it at the highest levels. This network of skilled and experienced individuals enables us to find the right people that match your hiring requirements quickly.

  • Operational & Leadership - Broking and Underwriting
  • Consulting - Industry Domain Experts
  • Information Security - Cyber and GDPR
  • Sales - Business Development Directors and Leadership

Digital Platforms & Legacy Modernisation

We work with Cloud based Digital Platforms that transform business's into modern and efficient enterprises whilst making full use of legacy systems therefore exploiting past investments into your technologies. These include:-

  • CRM and Supply Chain Management
  • Full Insurance trading platforms that enable rapid start up or business line extension
  • Smart Hub technology that do more than just integrate Legacy. 

Designed specifically for Brokers, Underwriters and Managing General Agents, these technologies improve operational efficiencies whilst dramatically reducing cost of distribution and servicing